About Us

Hi, and welcome to Pfcart.com by Smartloy solutions Pvt Ltd  We are a company that is passionate about providing our customers with beautiful, useful and luxurious products at affordable prices. Our company was created out of our love for beautiful products. We have combined that love with our passion for saving our customers money and we know that through our platform, we have successfully combined the two things we care about most.


Here at Pfcart, we aim to make it possible for everyone to have access to whatever product they desire. Our platform includes products like accessories, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, jewelry, mobile accessories, items for the home and so much more! We are proud to feature well-known brands that we know our customers love as well as handmade pieces that customers can purchase to add some uniqueness and one of a kind design to their life. We are proud to be a secure online shop that our customers can easily use to shop for the products they love. Inspected and quality controlled before shipping, Pfcart guarantees that each item purchased from our inventory will come exactly as pictured on the website.

Our team loves to find the best deals around that we can share with our customers. We search high and low to find products that our customers will see and immediately fall in love with and we can’t get enough of our beautiful inventory. When you partner with us at Pfcart, you can feel right at home with people who love high quality and beautiful items and are also budget minded. Those of us here at Pfcart only feature products that we ourselves love and we know you’ll love them to.


Here’s the thing: we love fashion, mobile and home products, but we love our customers more. To us, we are most successful when we provide our customers with products that they will cherish and feel excited to use every day. We strive to make sure that our customers feel taken care of from start to finish and we’re dedicated to helping our customers find the products they have been searching for.


Thank you for visiting us today! We hope that our passion for our customers has inspired you to take a peek at our inventory and find a product that you’ll want to use every day.


Have questions? Please feel free to contact us on pfsupport@smartloy.com